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online casino, blackjack, online roulette, internet casino games, online slots, internet fruit machines

Author: Samantha French

Kerching online casino hosts a collection of fantastic licensed titles. Most gamers should recognise these games. A large amount of amazing cash payouts can be won in these online casino slots.  <br/><br/>

Online casino players should prepare themselves for battle on the seven waters in this exciting Battleship – Search and Destroyonline casino title. This online slots title features two amazing bonus rounds. Battleship – Winning Encounter is fantastic free spins bonus  This online casino title has a unique complimentary spins bonus where gamers try to destroy an enemy boat for amazing multipliers. Online casino players also have the opportunity to play a classic match of Battleship on the Sink the Fleet online casino bonus. <br/><br/>Online casino gamers must attempt to sink a fleet of enemy vessels in a game of huge multipliers. Online casino gamers have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes if they sink all the boats with a limited amount of shots. <br/><br/>

The online casino slotTransformers – Ultimate Payback sees online casino gamers join with the Autobots or Megatron in a quest for world domination. This exciting online casino title is inspired by the loved 80s cartoon. This generous online casino slot machine has a variety of memorable elements and includes appearances from a number of familiar characters. <br/><br/>This online casino title also has a amazing bonus round. Megatron and an Autobot battle in this online casino mini game. Online casino gamers can be awarded lucrative cash prizes for guessing the winner of this online casino scrap.<br/><br/>

Dungeons and Dragons is a thrilling 20-payline online slots game. Strategy buffs will recognise this thrilling online casino title. Online casino players can even adventure a labyrinth filled with payouts in this online casino game. <br/><br/> Online casino gamers must vanquish hardened monsters to continue in this fantastic bonus. Gamers must roll a dice in order to best evil monsters. For those brave online casino players who survive the trials of the dungeon a fantastic free spins bonus game awaits. <br/><br/>

There are a selection of amazing titles at Kerching online casino which are based on recognisable franchises. Monopoly Here and Now and Jeopardy are just two more games.<br/><br/>

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The author is an amateur casino gamer, living in Oldham. He is a massive player of online casino games like Dungeons and Dragons online slots .

20 thoughts on “online casino, blackjack, online roulette, internet casino games, online slots, internet fruit machines

  1. Hello,

    What is the number of decks used in the game of casino blackjack in the united kingdom?

    Are there regulations to the number of decks of cards used or is it at the individual casinos discretion?

    This is just regarding the UK.

    Thank you

  2. 6 and 8 decks is most common anywhere its either that or double deck, except macao, which I beleive still uses 5 decks for whatever reason.

  3. Hi I just learned how to play blackjack, but I haven’t played in the casino yet.. So what should I look for when I see blackjack tables and basic rules. And what is Spanish 21 and shoe game?please thanks!

  4. First of all, learning Blackjack is VERY easy. Anyone can learn it. What you really need to learn is called Basic Strategy. That’s HOW to correctly play Blackjack to give you the best chance at losing the least amount of money. (No matter how well you play, you will still ultimately lose money. Basic strategy helps you lose it the slowest.)

    Below is a link to a website that shows you Basic Strategy based on various rules.

    Speaking of rules, just some of the most important rules you want to see are these:

    #1 – Make sure if you get a Blackjack (an Ace and a face card), the payout is 3-2, (NOT 6-5).
    #2 – Double Down after Split. Most places will allow you to double down after you’ve split. This is a favorable rule for the player. Some places don’t allow this. Those games should be avoided.
    #3 – Surrender. Again – this is a favorable rule if the casino allows you to surrender. If you don’t understand surrender, look it up on the internet. It’s an important part of good strategy.
    #4 – Multiple splitting allowed. Again – this is favorable for the player if they allow it.

    As for Spanish 21, it’s just a fancy version of Blackjack. It appears great at first glance, because it gives you lots of extra chances to make extra money from special combinations from cards. Those special payouts ARE great, however, they come at a HUGE cost. In Spanish 21, all of the “10s” are removed from the deck. (Not the Jacks, Queens, or Kings – just specifically the “10s”.) This is a BIG disadvantage to the player! The more face cards and 10’s that there are in the deck, the better it is for the player.

    Stay away from Spanish 21 for now. It’s a very different game from Blackjack.

  5. Real casino blackjack!
    The kind where u dont put the cards that u just played back in the deck… you set them in a pile and dont use them till the games over… or just a site where you can count cards but now with real $$$ either immaginary or no $$$ at all!!

    plz post a link!!! thanks!!!

  6. I play blackjack for fun on is close to what you’re asking for. Go to the online games section and find casino blackjack. It’s one-on-one and you start with $5K in chips, pick the denomination you want to play, bet, dealt 2 cards, etc. I can play for 30-40 minutes, then I get kinda bored. I still recommend the site though.

  7. I live in the uk and am facinated and keen to become an expert blackjack dealer! are there any structured ways of learning and finding work? do I need a license etc? Thanks in advance!

  8. There are schools you can go to and become certified.
    You can go to a private school. There are several in Las Vegas here in the states.
    Or at Foxwoods here in Connecticut, they have their own dealer school. You get paid to learn and then you come on with them fulltime and learn to deal all of the games.

  9. Hi, does anyone know what the minimum bet is for playing blackjack at casino rama, and is surrender allowed?

    Also, how full are the blackjack tables during weekends?

  10. I am looking to find some new online blackjack casinos because I haven’t been as lucky lately where I normally play.

  11. Me and my buddy Penfold are cooking up something in the Las Vegas area (wink-wink). I would tell you how were gonna do it but we don want noone steelin the idea. Its fullproof as long as we can hintch a ride from Atlanta. Wish us luck y’all!
    Thanks Aleks. I am glad that you have asked. Penfold Gobbers is a famous Vogon Poet Messiah (Probably 1st Class on probation, because his skills are limited).

  12. Hey Ultra I `ve sorted the transport. I called the Las Vegas Royale and they are sending a taxi to pick us up. Don`t forget to bring the cashpoint machine and see if you can give a once over with pressure washer to get the brick rubble and dust off. You know how fussy these taxi drivers can be. In the mean time I`ll try to get hold of Mike to see if we can`t get the damned thing open. Jack T has offered to chew it open but I`m worried that he won`t be able to stop. Cinnamon and Tyler have offered to weird out the casino staff while we pull off the scam.

  13. So, awhile ago, i went to casino Niagara, and i know at some tables you can bet on the people that are playing blackjack to win money, instead of actually playing the game, anyone know where i can find this information?

  14. The link below is all I could find online but I am sure if you emailed the casino or OLG they could answer you better.

  15. $1500 in Vegas. I started on the $10 minimum table and got up to about $500. Then I went to a $50 table and was just 1 on 1 with the dealer and just won like every hand. I was up to about $1700 or $1800 and then lost a couple hundred and quit with $1500. Of course the next day I lost most of it. But I had fun and got enough comp points that I got 2 of my nights at New York New York for free.

  16. The odds are exactly the same regardless of how many players there are. Blackjack is a game played between you and the dealer, other players have no effect on your game. When counting cards having more players can be helpful in that it will help you develop an accurate count earlier in the game, but then again having more cards drawn per hand will increase the odds that the count will shift to the dealers favor before he/she draws.

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