Free Sports Betting Advice Available


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Free Sports Betting Advice Available

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There are very few things in life that are both free and worthwhile. Some say the air that we breathe and the water that we drink are free – well, there is something that has developed on the Internet in recent years that has become the rage for sports betting investors. There is a free casino website that offers free sports betting advisement for its readership. The website is, and it is ranked as the best online casino for sports betting advisement on the World Wide Web.

The sports betting advisement is handled by the Sports Guru of, and his record is impressive and his advisements are profound. The Sports Guru works for only the best online casino, the Online Gambling website, and continuously predicts winning results. Over the last few years, the Sports Guru has racked up an amazing record in college and professional football, the Olympics, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, horse racing and World Cup Soccer.

Over the past few seasons, the Guru has picked the winners of the World Series, NBA Championship, National Football League Championship, Olympic figure skating champ, and more. He has picked 24 of 32 College Football Bowl games correctly by the spread in 2008, and a World Series victory for the Yankees last year.

This year, the Guru has predicted on the Online Gambling website, which happens to be the best online casino website on the Internet, that the Yankees will repeat as Champs of major league baseball and that Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel, will be fired by the ballclub before the 1st of July. With regard to the National Hockey League, the Guru has predicted that the Chicago Black Hawks will represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and that Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers will successfully defend their title by once again defeating the Orlando Magic in the finals.

So, enjoy the finest in sports betting advisement for free at the Online Gambling website, the best online casino on the World Wide Web.

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Myself webmaster of a free online gambling site where you can play free online poker, slot machine game, blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo & sports betting without downloading.

20 thoughts on “Free Sports Betting Advice Available

  1. Does anyone who can tell me to earn some money from football betting as a part time football gambler?
    is it works? i am not asking for rich.but to gain some money from it

  2. what is the number of the possible combinations of a 12 team parley game in football?? how bout 10 team parley team??

  3. That really depends on what you mean. College and pro sports combined with all the sports going on means that there are millions of combinations every night. I would say that on any night there are over 2 million combinations of teams you could parlay.

  4. Hi i bet on football quite often and im hoping to share good bets with other like minded punters. I like to bet on first goalscorers and correct scores. I like to pick 3 fav teams and 3 scorelines for each team which = 27 trebles. This is quite a good bt i like to do. Also i like to bet on first goalscorers all the time. Does anyone know of any good betting strategies to use for correct scores or goalscoreres which are successful?

  5. You should look into arbitrage betting systems. This is the only kind of betting system that i would mathematically define as ‘good’. Other systems rely more on luck or intuition, arbitrage systems are zero risk.

    Also check my source, its a wiki. So if you want to share any of your strategies you could write articles about them.

  6. I enjoy football betting because it wins me money , but I do not enjoy watching football at the time.

    Can watching the games help much? Or is the statistics enough information for you?

    I won money today betting on Germany and Argentina winning !
    They are going to.

  7. Well of course watching the games are going to help you out. To be a successful handicapper/punter, you need to look at things both objectively (statistics) and subjectively (watching the game). Statistics are very important but I also feel there’s a psychological side that math can’t account for. It sounds like you’ve been doing well, so I’d keep doing what you’re doing and maybe watch a few games…it will only add to your handicapping philosophy. Good luck.

  8. When you put a bet on, do you get the returns and the amount you betted. So say I put £10 on Italy to win tonight and they are evens to win, it says the return is £20.00 but would actually be £30.00 with me£10.

  9. I want to earn some money on english football betting.i live in united there anyone having a good knowledge in sports betting or anyone can suggest which site gives the best betting tips.

  10. I would like to know is there any reliable formula to make profit betting on football daily or at least weekly ? Don’t need to win a fortune, just $200 to $300 weekly to help me make end needs.

  11. Don’t fall into the trap. There is no sure way to win any kind of bet. I am a manager of a betting shop and I have seem people who ‘Only need to make a couple of hundred’ lose everything.

    You should NEVER bet to win. If you do this then you will become emotionally attatched and wont stop until you win. This can bring big debt.

    You should ALWAYS bet to LOSE. Only bet what you can realistically afford to lose.

    If you do insist on betting then I’d suggest an ‘accumulator’ which is where you put $1 on a bet and choose about 10 matches. If you get every winning team correct then you can win a hell of alot of money. Anywhere from $200 to about $500 dependant on odds. It is more of a lottery than a bet.

    Betting on favourites is never going to win you money. Betting on the outsider is too unreliable and not financially worth the risk.

    As a betting shop manager and fellow human the best piece of advice I can give anyone is DONT bet at all. The house always wins.

  12. I want to start placing small bets on football matches (50p-£4) and was wondering what are some easy sites i can try out?

    any advice?

  13. There are plenty out there. You might feel more comfortable sticking to the big high street brands – a few of them allow you to pick up your winnings in the store.

    I’d advise trying out a few sites to see which you like best – and take a few bonuses along the way 😉

    There’s a list of UK bookies and bonuses here:

  14. I know that several people have been busted for betting on their own game, (black sox, pete rose), anyway, is fantasy football considered betting on the game if there is money involved? I do not know who to contact or who to ask, so I thought I would throw it up on Yahoo answers. Maybe one of you may know. Thank you.

  15. Good question,but I really don’t think it’s considered gambling.
    Professional players pick themselves on fantasy teams (Example:
    Braylon Edwards)because they think they will excell.But often they fizzle out (Example:Braylon Edwards..)~~G{}{}d Luck!

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