Benefits of Sports Betting Software


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Benefits of Sports Betting Software

Author: Colleen R. Boyles

Sports betting systems and sports betting software appeal to the serious sports bettor. Actually, betting on sports appeals to many gamblers because the odds aren’t against you. In Vegas, the house gets a portion of all winnings, and it is set up for you to lose money. Betting on sports is more like live poker where winning involves more skill than luck.

In casino betting, the house takes a portion of losing bets. This is known as the Vigorish. All this means is if you want to win $100 you have to bet $110. For example: You place a $110 bet on Liverpool. If Liverpool wins, you would receive $210, a profit of $100. If you lose, it would cost you $110, ten of which goes to the casino.

A casino wants there to be an equal number of players betting on each side. This way, when someone wins $100 another person will have lost $110. When this happens the casino makes $10 for every offsetting bet. To make betting more attractive for each side, casinos put a spread on the event; so, now the team has to do more than win for people to collect. The team has to win by a certain amount of points to cover the spread.

Seasoned bettors will consider all the information available and come up with their own spread. Then they take what they think the spread should be and compare it with the casino stats placing a bet based on that comparison. The more information the bettor has prior to looking at the spread, the better chance they will place a winning bet.

This is where sports betting software comes into play. The software helps the seasoned bettor keep track of teams and statistics. It organizes all the information available and helps calculate odds. Using software to keep track of your information helps take the bias out of the betting and keeps you from jumping on a bandwagon. With the software, your chances of placing winning bets are increased. Thus making sports betting online fun and profitable.

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20 thoughts on “Benefits of Sports Betting Software

  1. Can someone list names of popular betting sites? and which includes the deposits made through western union.

  2. I am very interested to know how to place bets and collect winnings in the betting ring at the races as I have never done this before. My Boss,s husband is a Bookies Clerk and I would like very much to place bets at his stand. I just need to know what to do. Thanks.

  3. Figure out who you want to bet on. Keep it simple to start with and work with “Win” (1st) Place (2nd) Show (3rd) Figure out how much you want to bet, $2. and up to what ever you want. So if you like the # 8 horse in the second race and you think it is going to Win and you want to bet $2 then you say “second race, $2 on # 8 to Win. If you think he will run second then say”second race, $2 on # 8 to Place. If you think he will go third then say “second race, $2 on # 8 to Show.

    Just watch out because a lot of race tracks don’t like it when you are making bets with a clerk who is related or very close friends or in you case your boss’s husband.

    The Lawn Lady

  4. I read up on it but still don’t exactly understand what the differences are between string betting and normal betting (raising, etc). Can someone put it in more simpler terms so I can understand it better? And what exactly is so wrong with it that makes it illegal?

  5. It’s illegal, because if a player says raise, and puts in 100, he then sees the reaction of the next player (or other players)… maybe he sees that the next guy is going to call… so then he slides in 300 more.

    Can’t do that. Gotta put the 400 in at the same time.

  6. My friend Marco just got a new girlfriend. Which is extremely surprising since he’s known as a “player” and doesn’t like to stick to one woman. This is why a bunch of his buddies (myself included) are skeptical it will last very long and decided to make a betting pool. Since it was my idea I have to organize it. I’ve participated in betting pools before but im not sure how to set it up. Could you guys help me? There are a total of 7 people that want in.

  7. Well there is 7 days in a week, so set and amount say 10 bucks everyone picks a day out of a hat if you want after every week ends everyone can throw in another 10 bucks or any set amount so the pot grows.If he ends up marrying the girl give them the money.

  8. I am interested in starting an account online for sports betting. I want to be able to deposit money and withdraw money without many difficulties and was wondering what sites offer that

  9. It depends where you are located. If for example you are in the U.S. the law makes it illegal for banking institutions to be used for gambling purposes. Thus, if an online sportsbook does take U.S. customers than the number of withdrawal options will be limited and in some cases, it may take a long time for you to receive your withdrawal.

    Recently, many bookmakers that cater to U.S. customers have had delays going as long as 3 months before a U.S customer could receive his withdrawal.

    If you are located outside of the U.S., like in the U.K., Canada, Australia or other countries where it is legal to bet on sports online, most sportsbooks can get you your money in a fast and efficient manner.

    Thus, sportsbooks that cater to the U.S. that have a good reputation are: – This one has mixed reviews but I have never had any problems with them and they offer large bonuses.

    If you are located outside of the U.S. here is a short list that I use:

  10. Is there any way to bet on sports betting sites without using your credit card?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. It depends what country are you living at.

    Methods world wide available are:
    Western Union
    Bank Money Transfer

  12. For the average $20-$300 per bet bettor, living in the U.S. Texas or Oklahoma betting on sports online. The casinos are available, but can someone face legal trouble for placing a wager? Or is all the blame on the casino? A little insight into the laws and current effort being put into these issues by law enforcement would be appreciated.

  13. You wont face any trouble if you want to put in a sports bet online. Ive been betting sports for a little bit over 10 years and have honestly heard it all when it comes to the legality of sportsbetting. Ive never had a problem and neither will you. Good Luck

  14. If you know where these sites get their other sports line from, tell me. All betting lines from different sports comes from different individual(s), so I’m very curious.
    Also, let me know if the betting lines come from Vegas or another state/city.

  15. Vegas is the source for virtually all betting lines. From there, sports books will adjust their lines up and down according to the betting that’s taken place at their book.

  16. I just need to know how the system of betting works. Also, please be specfic and describe detail. I need not just the name of the sport but the division For example: not juust basketball, but NCAA basketball or NBA basketball.

  17. Sports betting is really simply these days with online sports books. You simply go to one of many sports books (,,, etc.) and sign up. Most of these places have an initial deposit bonus. Say if you deposit $100 your first time you will have $150 to bet with.

    The key thing about sports betting is how betting odds are figured. If Team A is very popular and being bet heavily by people the sports book will lower the payout odds for Team A. This in turn will make the payout odds for Team B higher.

    The reason the sports book does this is that they want equal betting on both teams. They want a scenario that no matter which team wins they can use the profits the sports book made from the losing team to pay off the winning betters from the winning team AND have money left over so the sports book makes money. Sports books want a situation where they don’t care who wins because they make money either way.

    The difficult part about this these days is that almost every sport is heavily worked out and there is a lot of mathematics behind the betting systems behind them.

    However, there are sports out there where the betters don’t know what they are doing and if there is one very popular team who should be the underdog, they might actually come out as the favorite in odds due to the heavy betting on that team.

    Finding these sports to bet on is difficult. I suggest checking out

  18. Well im 20 years old…I bet with my friends…I want to try online betting..small numbers maybe 100 dollars maximum id throw down…I was just wondering what is a good site to use and how exactly does it work?

    Do I have to take money out of my bank account and put it in their account? Do you always get paid if you win?

    I am totally new to it all.

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